Bath time

Ryan has school on Monday and Wednesday nights so it's my time to hang with Hayden. I try to look forward to these evenings, but I have to admit that after I'm at work all day I would like to have him around. Anyways, the past few times I have intentionally tried to have fun with Hayden. Monday night was time to get a bath and Hayden LOVES his bath. I usually have to get him out before he would like because of going somewhere or something going on, but on Monday night we had the whole night for a bath. We had so much fun together! It was close to an hour that we played, sang, and did funny little things. He was very cooperative and let me take some pics. There were lots of smiles, giggles, water everywhere (water is easy to clean up, got to let a kid be a kid once in a while) and even some fun screaming going on! Times like these make my heart melt for this little guy that came in to my life almost 2 years ago.
Cleaning-see his reflection aboveLove this one of him, a true Hayden smile
Showing me his head....
....and tongue!!
We went to the Pine Knoll Shores aquarium last Monday. I knew Hayden would absolutely love it and he did. Those of you that have been to the Baltimore aquarium this one is much smaller, but it was better then I expected. There was one huge tank that we could have spent hours at, Hayden was mesmerized. It was soooo good to do a little family outing, we hadn't had one in a little while.
He loved putting his hand in the water of the touch tank of stingrays, but as soon as they got close he pulled his hand back fast!
Ugh, would have been a great picture, he purposely looks away for pics. so frustrating!!
Ha! I got a good one!! Hayden found this water faucet and started posing, he was totally hamming it up


Check out his new ride

Our neighbor gave Hayden this because he has outgrown it. My thoughts were-oh this summer he'll learn how to drive it. Much to my surprise he jumped on and away he went. It's even a Harley....making daddy proud!!
checking out all the buttons