This past week we had childbirth class, a tour of the maternity floor at the local hospital, and a breastfeeding class. Ryan and I feel like we know as much as we can until this little one comes into our world.
After we took a tour of the maternity floor we both became a little unsure if it was the hospital for the delivery. I checked into a few other hospitals/birthing centers all within an hour of our house. There is one place that we both feel good about so hopefully within the next week we can take a tour and decide for sure. Our landlord told us about this hospital, his wife delivered twins there a couple of months ago and had a good experience.
We don't know exactly how things are going to work out with insurance and some other details. This can make me very nervous since there are 7 weeks until my due date, but I know I can trust God to show us the right way. We both are so excited to meet this child of ours. Here's a look at my belly. I was at the doctor this past week and she told me I'm measuring correctly for my due date. Some days I don't feel that big and then the next I feel like I'm a monster!