We got the mail late last night.....Hayden was still up, he was so excited to get a package from Grandpa and Grandma Martin! And this morning he saw the box and is asking for more:) Thanks for the candy and toys! Ryan and I enjoyed a few pieces as well.


300th celebration

As we've mentioned before this year is New Bern's 300th Anniversary. September 17-19 was the big celebration. There was a parade downtown and so many fun and free activities that we enjoyed. This was the week we started potty training and to my amazement he stayed dry the whole time we were out and taking it all in.
waiting for the parade to start
NC Governor Beverly Perdue For the dads:) He wasn't sure about the mascot, but we got free chocolate milk and ice cream sandwiches!



Here are a couple of pictures of the rainy weather we had this week. I might post a video later...

This was the view from our front porch on Thursday

This is an intersection close to our house while it was raining on Thursday

This was also on Thursday, it is water running into the channel beside our house

This picture is from today. The water receded yesterday, but today it is on the rise again. The rain is gone, but the river will not crest for another day or two, so we will see how high the water gets. The official estimate is that New Bern had 15.5" of rain since Sunday, although I think we might have had a little more here in River Bend.