What is that!?

I found this creature the other day when I looked in our recycling bin. Needless to say I jumped and told Ryan he needed to check this thing out. We have never seen this creature before, we think it might be a large lizard, it looks similar to the much smaller ones we see around our house.

I have an arm!

Just this week Hayden has discovered his right arm. He loves to lay on the floor, for long periods of time, looking at his arm while opening and closing his hand. Hopefully he soon discovers his left arm as well!! These pictures are taken on the changing table, he is always happy when I lay him on it. I can always count on smiles when I change his diaper.

Hayden and Daddy

Last Saturday Ryan had Hayden for the day while I worked at Marina Sweets Cafe. We were both a little nervous about how it was going to go, but Hayden did great for daddy! They got me a big hanging plant for Mother's Day, went to a car show and still managed to get a nap. I really enjoyed working a whole day so for now I plan to work every Saturday.
Sunday we slept in, had breakfast together and then in the evening we grabbed dinner and watched a movie. I was so thankful to the Lord for my first Mother's Day. Here are some pics from Saturday......


Our Little Man

Hayden is growing up so fast...Today he is two months old. It is so exciting to watch him grow and begin to respond to us more... smiling, etc. It feels like we are just beginning to see his personality a little bit. He is definitely alert and curious about the world around him. (he is also a harley fan) Fatherhood is a wonderful thing. Last Sunday we went to Beaufort, NC (along the coast) for a few hours and on Thursday we went to a beach along the Neuse River about a half hour from our house. Here are some of my favorite pics: