Grandpa and Grandma visit!!

The weekend after Thanksgiving Ryan's parents made their annual trip south to visit us. On Saturday we went to Tryon Palace and History Education Center. We enjoyed the tour of the palace (i was sure Hayden wouldn't last, but he did great), learning so many things from that time period. It was decorated for Christmas the way they would have decorated years ago. The pictures are from Saturday at the palace and then on Sunday we went down by the water to feed the fish. Thanks so much for blessing us Dad and Mom while you were here, we enjoy your presence!! Hayden was waking up from his nap when they arrived and he went right into grandma's arms, which makes my heart feel so good. There's always a small fear that he's not going to remember/know his grandparents since he doesn't see them very often. But God's got is all under control (I really should know this by now).
The palace is beautiful, I forgot to get one of the whole front of the building
waiting patiently to go inside oh hayden-you and mommy will never have a good picture when you do this all the time!!
Mom I'm ready for breakfast so I'm just going to help myself...ok? I don't think so....I put an end to this real quick!