Chris and Jeanine, good friends of Ryan and I, recently got baptized! It was a first time commitment for Jeanine and Chris found out that he was never baptized only dedicated as a baby so what better time to get baptized then when his wife does! It was an awesome day! The pics are a little dark, I apologize.

6 years in love

May 22 was our 6th wedding anniversary! Ryan borrowed a 2004 black, convertible Corvette from guy that he does some odd jobs for. We had a blast! He gave beautiful flowers that smelled amazing, went to dinner in Jacksonville, then we cruised to the beach to drink coffee and walk in the moonlight. Yeah, it was awesome and I love that he continues to steal my heart 6 years later! We have a few pics from the night.

crazy hair

A few pics from our time in PA in May...I'm a little on behind
Hanging out at Grandpa Martin's shop
Out to tea with the Weaver ladies...yum!
Ryan giving the little dudes a ride
If only Hayden wasn't looking up He loved jumping on the trampoline with his cousins
Del and Andee