Seafood Festival

A couple of weeks ago we went to Morehead city for a Seafood festival. It was a beautiful day and a lot of yummy food. Our favorite was a big corn roaster. They roasted corn on the cob that still had the husk on and then pulled back the husk and dipped it in a bucket of melted butter right before they handed it to you. It was the best corn we ever had.

Trying out his new shoes

This screen was next to a live band, you sent a text mesage to it, this is what Ryan had to say.

Baby Einstein

Whoever invented Baby Einstein movies sure knew what they were doing! The movie that we have is 30 min. long and it holds Hayden's attention the whole time! I love to peek around the corner and watch him watching the tv. There is this one particular part that has a crab puppet come across the screen making noise and Hayden gets so excited and waves his arms each time. I snapped a few pics the other day while he was watching it.


Hayden likes to hold his bottle. He makes me laugh because he practically grabs it out of my hands to hold it all by himself.


Ice Pop

Ryan gave Hayden his first popsicle the other day, he loved it and also made a mess. He is at a such a fun stage. We love being daddy and mommy!


The Wedding

I am finally posting pictures from the wedding, there are a few of set-up and rehearsal as well.


Wedding week

On Sept. 20 my sister got married. I was able to be up the week of the wedding to help with last minute details and hang out with my family. Ryan came to PA Thurs. evening to join in the activity. It was nice to have my moms hands to help with Hayden since Ryan wasn't around and Hayden loved hanging out with uncle Delbert when he came home from work. It seemed like Hayden missed the male attention from his daddy and Delbert was able to help out. These pics are from the week. A bath in grandma's big sink! Hayden first introduction to puppies, he wasn't sure about them.

Starting him out young-got to be shown the only tractor-the yellow and green

Grandpa did you want to read the paper later?


Fun in the sand

Hayden wanted to play in the sand so bad, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to deal with the clean up afterwards, then I decided that he's only little once. Boys need to have fun sometimes! The fourth picture makes me laugh so hard!