So today is our 5 year anniversary! Ryan surprised me with a cruise in the beginning of May to celebrate. We got to see the shuttle lift off as well. It was our first time over night away from Hayden, he did great and we had a relaxing time. Thanks so much to our good friends Matt and Naomi for hanging out with him! The cruise was out of Port Canaveral Florida. We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas and CocaCay Bahamas. CocaCay is a private island owned by the cruise line. We walked around Nassau a little bit and then headed to the beach for an awesome time of relaxing. In CocaCay Ryan played basketball, we walked around the island, ate at the beach side bbq, swam and slept on the beach. Of course on the boat we ate, ate, ate! We also enjoyed all the theater shows, line dancing, and pool party.
On Monday after the cruise we headed to the Astronaut Hall of Fame to watch the shuttle Atlantis lift off. We were about 11 miles away from the launch pad. Let's just say that the pictures you see in the media are super close!! It was amazing to see it lift off, the sound and all the excitement from the crowd. There was a jumbo screen set up showing what was happening in the shuttle and a former astronaut was there to tell us what was going on and his experience. We learned a lot and it was so interesting. From there we started our journey home, we spent the night in Savannah Georgia, which was a cute little town that we would have loved to have a little more time to explore. We did get to walk around a couple of streets down by the water. Enjoy the many pics and sorry it took me so long to post!
The really small bright spot to the left of the tree is the shuttle.


Hayden loves to be right where daddy is and he loves water.....


Hair Cut

Hayden had his first haircut last week. He did so good! He sat on the four wheeler stand and just looked around. He cried when she put the cape thing on so we went with out. Ryan was concerned that his curls would be cut off but she did a great job and we love how it turned out.