Laundry Time!!

I know I posted before that Hayden loves to help with the laundry, well that hasn't changed. I wish I got excited as he does about the chore!!
Ryan's brother and his family made the trip to North Carolina the middle of August. This was the first time they were here and we had so much fun! The weather forecast was not looking good, but God heard my desperate plea for clear skies. It drizzled on Friday night and the rest of the weekend was awesome! We did many different things, took them downtown, out to eat, went to a science museum and park, the beach and hung out at home. With their 5 kiddos and Hayden there wasn't a dull moment! Thank so much for taking time to come and see where we live, work, and play! Hayden LOVED having his cousins around. Here's just a snapshot into our weekend.


More of Summer

Hayden's friend Elijah hung out for an evening at our place, sometimes Hayden likes him and then other times not so much!

Fence Project

About a month ago Ryan put up a fence at a school nearby. Someone else had got most of the materials, then at last minute said he couldn't build the fence up. Ryan was a little nervous since this was something new for him and the school was on a tight time schedule. But with some advice from a guy that Ryan does some work for, the fence went up without a hitch! The school administrator loved it and asked him to do a few more projects for them. Ryan had a lot of fun tackling this project and I am so proud of him! It was a huge blessing to us at the end of summer before school started up again. Thank you Lord, you know our every need!
The fence was 250 feet long
The smaller fence above was an additional project the school had him build.
To the left of the tree is a dumpster enclosure that was one of the other projects the school had Ryan do as well.