Graduation 2

So for our friends and family that are not on facebook, Ryan graduated yesterday with his Associates in Science (with Honors) from Craven Community College. I can't convey to you how proud I am of him! Even though I get tired of the conversations with words that I don't know what they mean (centroids, vectors, moments of inertia, etc) and Ryan saying he can explain it to me in a way that makes sense (which usually doesn't happen, I just respond in a way that's appropriate, smile and make it seem that I understand) I love that he loves learning all of it! I know the work and stress behind this degree and trust me folks....there's a lot of it. We are only half way to the goal of getting his bachelor's but this was a reason to celebrate! It was a warm morning and you can see in a few pics we are sweaty (welcome to North Carolina in May). This officially releases us from New Bern and pushes us forward to Raleigh and NC State where he will get his bachelor's in 4 or 5 semester (if all goes according to plan). Many of you have been asking when we will be moving....that's not 100% nailed down yet. Ryan has a full time job here for the summer so we can stay here until the beginning of August BUT if doors open up for us earlier we will move and get settled in before the start of the fall semester. So you can pray for us.....there are lots of changes and I get a tad bit nervous when I think about the fact that in 2-3months our life will be COMPLETELY different!! I would not be being honest with you either if I didn't tell you I'm really excited for this adventure! Sometimes in the busyness and normal day to day stuff I forget that I do love an adventure with Ryan and Hayden. So just pray that we would know the path God has for us and open doors where they need to open. Wow, I'm not usually a writer but I guess today is different!
Ryan's shaking hands with someone Hayden's so sweaty......



Here is a link to a video from graduation. Just copy and paste to your web browser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prDvLST0m9k