We've had beautiful weather here in NC the past week. Hayden loves spending time outside, he will sit in his bouncy for hours just chilling. This past Friday I pulled weeds in the flower beds and washed the jeep inside and out. I enjoyed being outside the majority of the day. Two Saturdays ago I decided to check out some yard sales. I was doing a drive by scanning of one, it didn't really look like there was much there, but I decided since Hayden was sleeping I would check it out. I am so glad I did! There was a ton of boy clothing from birth to 12 months. Hayden is set to go for the summer for sure and maybe even some of fall depending how he grows. I also got a mobile for his crib for $3. I got everything for $8.Then that Sunday Ryan and I went on a Harley ride, my first since having Hayden. We had so much fun! Our neighbor watched Hayden and we rode for a couple of hours. Below are some pics from the last week. The girl on the picture with Hayden is our 11 year old neighbor Jessica who loves to come over and hang out with him.



Hayden has been having lots of firsts within the last week. He smiled, took a bottle, and slept all night in his crib! Up until now he would spend part of the night in his crib and the other part in his car seat. He wouldn't settle in his crib after his middle of the night feeding, we aren't sure what happened but are glad he has it accomplished. We are having so much fun with him, he is such a joy to have around. He had his one month doctor visit and everything is good. He put on two pounds since birth. One of his first smiles for Daddy

He took a bottle with no problem

He loves the snugli

Favorite spot to sleep

A smile for mom

Tummy time on the boppy pillow

What a face!


Trip to PA

Wow! It has been a long time since we posted and we apologize. This post is from our trip to PA. We had a fun, busy time while we were there. It was so good for the rest of our immediate family to finally meet Hayden and for Hayden to meet his cousins. A special part of our trip is that Hayden and his cousin that was born 12 days after him were able to meet each other.
Brothers and sons
Grandma Martin and Hayden

First time meeting uncle Delbert, he sure looks like a proud uncle!

Chilling with aunt Doreen

Admiring Great Grandma Sensenig

Four generations

Great Grandpa Martin Great Grandpa and Grandma MartinFour generations on the Martin side

Grandpa and Grandpa Weaver with their two new bundles

Sleeping Cousins-Michael and Hayden

Ryan and Malakai

Regina and Hayden

Eric, Ryan and their sons

Denise and Malakai

Hyden and his new friend Malakai

Great Grandpa Sauder's arms sure were comfortable

Another four generation picture

Grandma Martin and Hayden

Delbert, Andee and Hayden