This is so powerful........I know it's a little long but well worth the time to listen to it.


Labor Day weekend was spent with my family camping in Virgina close to the Natural Bridge. It is a beautiful area to hike, explore and learn about. We visited an old grain mill which still produces flour the old way today, the Natural Bridge, and caverns. We also enjoyed spending time at the campground and all the activities that they had planned because of the holiday weekend. Time flew bye and we were soon saying our goodbyes until Christmas. I have always enjoyed camping growing up and considered it a vacation, but this weekend I decided that camping isn't really a vacation, just a break from life:) It takes a lot of work but we made memories!
If you look closely you can see water falling to the right of grandpa and hayden, they are headed in for a dunk in the water..... he loved it, i wish i had shot of his facial expression, kept saying "more, more" sharing an ice cream sandwich with grandpa

beach again:)

Hayden, myself and some friends from work took a last minute trip to the beach. The water was awesome and we couldn't ask for better weather. It was a great time although we were both wishing that daddy would have been able to join us, but he had school.
Hayden loves spending time with his North Carolina grandma, Bobbie. She is such a blessing to us!