Celebrating number 4!

I simply can not believe it's been 4 years! For Hayden's birthday we went to an indoor gym with a few friends. They had  so much fun discovering all there was to do. We were all starving after playing so we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and cake. He had a blast!


....standing close to the mixer when I turned it on a higher speed then what I was intending to results in this.


Proof we got some snow....

we got about an inch....at lunch time the only snow that was left was a little on some rooftops.

Valentine's Day

Hayden received a package in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma Weaver for Valentine's, oh the excitement!!


Hayden loves to do many kinds of art projects. A few of the ones he recently enjoyed.


Grandpa and Grandma Weaver

Ryan's parent came for a visit the end of January for my 30th birthday. Hayden got lots of love and attention from them.
playing hayden's favorite game, memory
a sign of spring!
checked out a restaurant we had never been to, amazing breakfast!
he's mine!

my dear mother in-law, some people complain about their's, you won't hear me doing that.



A friend from work asked me to watch her little girl, Camille. So cute, so much fun! Isn't she adorable, love her hair!


When you're tired of winter and it getting dark so early......grill kabobs! We had fun assembling, grilling and eating theses in the middle of January.

Finally decided to tackle it....

I really feel like a mom now, made a sticker chart to get Hayden out of diapers at night time. I put off the night time training because he was potty trained early and I dreaded the process.  We started the process in January. The sticker chart was GREAT motivation for him. He's dry most nights now!

New Years day was gorgeous. We visited a local park that had been closed for renovations since we moved to Raleigh. It's close to campus and not far from our house. I know we will be visiting this park often in the coming months.