Ha ha!!

This one cracks me up each time I look at it! Ryan and I were trying to get a decent picture of us but the few taken before this one we had double chins, so being silly, we tried to eliminate them. Only after the picture was taken did we discover that Hayden was next to us upside down! I promise we are normal!!

Hayden and Hannah

Hayden just had to hold his cousin Hannah who is getting a little big for his arms. She's at the stage where she grabs at everything. I could tell Hayden was trying not to be annoyed......
......... so he solved the problem!


Christmas was so good this year to be with our families....we cherish the moments we can be with them. We had lots of laughs, a few two year old tantrums, and made memories. here's a look into Ryan's family Christmas on Christmas eve. I don't have many pics from my family....hopefully my mom does.

so excited to be at grandma's house again! i might get in trouble for posting this!! Blake and his gift from Rosa

the little boys opening their gift from grandpa and grandma learning how to operate his remote control truck trying out his new hip waders :) playing with their remote control trucks