Christmas Season

Our first Christmas season in NC had many new things that we never experienced in PA. There were Christmas parades and Christmas Flotillas. You can probably guess what the parades were all about. We went to the Trent Woods Christmas parade which was a lot of fun and very community oriented. There was even free soda, hot dogs and chips for everyone afterwards at the fire hall. It was hard getting in the "spirit" of the season this year because of how warm it was. Christmas Flotillas are boats decorated with lights and other Christmas decorations that float by on the water. We had so much fun going to one of these on a Friday night in the town of Oriental, NC.
Ryan and I left for PA on Fri. Dec.21 in the evening and returned home on Wed. Dec. 26. We had a great time reconnecting with family and friends while we were in PA. We were ready to return home and focus on the next big event in our life...becoming parents!! The baby is moving a ton right now and usually wakes me up in the mornings. It's just preparing me for when it's outside of my body!! I have been feeling great and I can't believe that there's only 10 1/2 weeks till we meet this little one. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Trent Woods Christmas Parade

Ryan and his nephew Blake

Ryan got some fishing stuff to try out the waters of NC

Christmas Sunday

Denise and Regina

Is Ryan pregnant?!


Ryan's New Job

I know it has been a little while since we had a new post, so i thought I would you give you all a update on our lives in New Bern. I started a new job a few weeks ago, working for a building materials store called Guy C. Lee. The company has been around for about 40 years and this is their 8th location. It is a new store that will open the middle of January. Right now I am helping to get things set up and ready to open. Once we open, I will be working in the warehouse, unloading trucks, checking in deliveries and getting orders ready to be shipped out. I am excited about the opportunity and looking forward to all that God has for me there.
a picture of Guy C. Lee property


Dad and Mom Weaver

My parents came to New Bern to check out our new home and spend some time with us the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 19-21). We had a good time showing them around the area; we went to Moore's Old Tyme Barbeque (the best pulled pork in NC) which is about a mile from our house, and Baker's Square (a restaurant downtown)They also got to see where our friends from PA are now living here. We had a good time hanging out with them as we all continue to try to understand God's plans for our lives and specifically how two generations can and should relate. We didn't arrive at any magic answers (sorry) but I think we continue to learn how to be honest and how to be able to see some of the challenges in each of our perspectives. Denise and I have been very blessed and appreciative of their support for us moving down here and their willingness to be for us, even when they don't always understand why we do the things we do as we try to live out God's plan for our lives. Thanks Dad and Mom for making the trip down here!! We love you.
Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Dad and Mom in front of Baker's Square Restaurant

...at our house