No more clean door window at 104 Belles Way! He loves to pull himself up and watch the action outside.

Bath Robe Fun

NOT impressed

"Helping" mommy

When the dishwasher is open I know where to find Hayden.

Ewww...tasting a dirty spoon!

Christmas and Santa

There are Christmas parades in the south and we love going to them, this one is about 5 min. from our house. Afterwards there was free sodas, hotdogs, chips and entertainment at the fire hall. Hayden even got to meet santa! Waiting in the Jeep-it was bitterly cold!

Checking out santa......

....decided he doesn't like him!

Football Game

A few weeks ago we traveled 2 hours to watch West Craven play for the regional title. It was so cold, so we pulled out clothes that we haven't worn since we left PA and bundled Hayden up with a ton of layers. He could hardly move! I was kind of curious to see how he would handle the cold and being bundled up for so long, I was mentally prepared to spend half the game in the vehicle. He did awesome, only problem was he wouldn't take his bottle because it was so cold, the refreshment stand was so kind and warmed it up. He then fell soundly asleep in my arms the beginning of the 4th quarter amidst screaming and yelling fans! It was a very good game and West Craven won!


Patchwork Comforter

When Ryan's grandma passed away this summer the family was unsure of what to do with her dresses. We had heard of the idea of using them to make a patchwork comforter. I was a little unsure of how it would look but I am so excited about how it turned out! A total of 14 patchwork comforters were made from her dresses! My mother in law and I worked on the knotting and she is going to sew the edge for me. I chose to put a fleece backing on so it is going to be a nice warm throw when it is finished!


Grandpa and Grandma's visit

Ryan's parents came to North Carolina the weekend after Thanksgiving. The weather was cold and dreary but we still had fun. Hayden wasn't sure about Grandpa and Grandma at first, but he quickly warmed up to them. Here are a few pictures from the weekend...


The weather was warm on Thanksgiving and Hayden was trying out his new crawling and exploring skills outside so we got a few fun pics.


The whole crew got together for Thanksgiving at Shawn and Jeanette's, 10 adults and 16 children 11 and under makes for one crazy house! It was a ton of fun and Hayden enjoyed trying everything that we gave him. The table was set beautifully, complete with name tags, and we feasted! Thank you Jesus for all you have done.