Our close friends Eric and Regina and their two little guys made a trip down to visit us. So much fun! Our boys only get to hang out usually 2ish hours at a time every 6 months or so. It was good to be able to be together for an extended period of time. We enjoyed showing them around town, swimming, grilling, eating  and laughing. Thanks so much guys, we loved every minute!

                           Love this, makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Here's a small snapshot into Delbert's and Andee's wedding. It was a beautiful, sunny, perfect temperature day! I was a little stressed since Hayden was the ring bearer and had done horrible (and that's putting it mildly) at rehearsal the night before. We didn't make him do anything he didn't want to do before he walked down the aisle because he's at the stage where he'll  be grumpy for a long while. Sooooo I felt like I was walking on egg shells around him all morning. In the end he walked walked down the aisle with lots of coaxing and bribes (I generally don't believe in bribing) holding his ducky pez (he wanted nothing to do with the pillow he was supposed to carry). After that Ryan and I both felt like we could enjoy the day. It's crazy that my little brother is married and my parents are empty nesters!  

We took a trip to PA the end of June for my brother's wedding. As always we had a great, awesome, fun, busy time connecting with everyone!
                                   Hayden's favorite toy at Grandma Weaver's house                                                   My little niece Hannah                               Helping Grandma water the new pine trees that were just planted
                                                     Walking to get the mail                                            Helping Grandpa finish off some wedding cake                                                        Grandpa's toys at the shop                                The Weaver grandkids and Grandpa and Grandma

Blueberry Picking

Hayden and I went blueberry picking one morning in June. I enjoyed it and actually found it really refreshing. Hayden lasted about 10 min and then played with sticks in the dirt of course!


The Beach

We didn't get to the beach near as much as we usually do this summer due to other obligations. But we managed to squeeze in one or two days.
Give the boy a few empty containers and some water=an hour of fun in the sun.