Beaufort, NC

On Sunday (November 11) Denise and I got up early and headed for Beaufort, North Carolina which is a beautiful coastal town about an hour's drive away from our house. We got there in time for the sunrise and then explored some different areas and ate a tasty breakfast at the "boardwalk cafe" along the water at the marina in town. Here are a few pics for you:

this picture was taken as the sun was coming up

Denise and I at Harker's Island, not too far from Beaufort, NC note the boat coming through the drawbridge, we thought this was a unique opportunity to watch the bridge in action (quite interesting) Denise showing off Baby Weaver who justs keep growing!!
another picture taken at sunrise
marina and boardwalk in Beaufort, NC


104 Belles Way

I thought I would post a few pictures of our new place, now that we are settled in and things are pretty much in order. We really love our house and enjoy our neighborhood. We live on a dead end street with about nine houses on it. It's mostly families, so it's really quiet, (especially compared to Lancaster City). We live about a quarter mile off of Highway 17 which is a four lane highway that has lots of shopping, restaurants, grocery stores etc., so we are close to almost everything that we need....
Our House
close-up of our front porch and some of Denise's handiwork
Our living room
another view of our living room
our kitchen, which includes a dishwasher (for the first time in our marriage!!)
Dining room
Master Bedroom
Master bathroom, double sink, shower, tub etc.
our office/guest bedroom
second bathroom
what will be the nursery, is currently our storage room
our rear deck and backyard



This weekend we got the opportunity to spend some time with Ezra Buckwalter while his parents, who are friends of our's, were out of town. He is eight and plays Pop Warner football for the New Bern team. We went to watch the New Bern High School football game on Friday night and then took him to his Pop Warner game on Saturday which his team won 6-0. We had a great time hanging out and it was definitely some thought-provoking preparation for becoming parents.
Here are some pictures from our weekend:
Ezra and I getting ready to go the game on the Harley.... Oh Yeah!

The New Bern High School team in action, they won the game 49-35 to win their conference title and are headed for the state playoffs.

Ezra with the New Bern Bears team mascot.

Ezra's Pop Warner team huddled up on the sideline during his game.

New Bern Pop Warner team in action, these guys are pretty serious for 7-9 year olds!