Go Wolfpack!!

 We braved the student section last night at the NC State football game, it wasn't near as bad as I imagined it to be. I was sure it wasn't a good idea to take a 3 yr old into that section and was prepared to walk around most of the evening. The band took me back to my high school years playing many of the same songs I played while in the marching band (yes I know I was a nerd). I love the atmosphere of a football game, the noise, the food, the chants, the cheers, etc. It was military appreciation night so there were lots of service members recognized throughout the game and a full flag at half time. We had a fun night and the Pack won!!

Taking in the tailgating scene and eating some good junk food!

i wish there wasn't someone behind us...

Labor Day weekend

This year Labor Day weekend we went to Lake Anna in Mineral, VA with my family. My brother brought his boat and we spent many hours on it. We had so much fun! Ryan learned to ski and I still love to be thrashed around on the tube. My dad (54 yrs old) hadn't skied in several years and could still get up, I was impressed! Only thing that was disappointing.....I didn't get my camera out near enough. Here are just a few....

Ryan skiing


Pool time

When we found out that our townhome included the use of the pool we were sold. Hayden love, love, loves the water.

His favorite thing to do is throw a dive stick then ride on Ryan's back under the water and grab it himself. The laughter and squeals make my heart full.

Watermelon Days

Between Hayden and I (Denise) we could eat almost a whole watermelon in one sitting. It has to be really good and cold. One morning I took it outside to eat...reminded me of when I was little in the middle of hot summers and my family would sit on the front porch eating it almost every night before bed.

                                                         Goofy faces


Marble Kids Museum

A few weeks ago friends of ours, Chris and Dawn and their children Matthew and Elizabeth, came to Raleigh for the weekend. They spent Friday afternoon and evening with us, we checked out the Marbles Kids Museum. So. Much. Fun!! So many activities and hands on stations, we had to keep encouraging our little ones to move on to the next thing so we could see it all before it closed. At some points I'm pretty us adults were having just as much fun as the kiddos. 

 We moved the end of July. It was not the easiest move by any means but we are here and settled. Here's a peak from the morning leaving New Bern and the following weekend when Ryan's parents came to visit. My mother in law is great with decorating and helping to make a house a home. She graciously agreed to help me and the house looks and feels like home!