Telling daddy about his time outside. This is for Grandpa and Grandma!
After a few rainy days in a row this past week we were finally able to be outside yesterday. I was organizing some things in the garage when I realized I didn't hear or see Hayden. I found him next door, he had taken the basketball over and was trying to shoot some hoops. So I joined him to shoot a few baskets and pictures. It's nice to play with him because I shoot the ball and he likes to get the ball for me, now that's easy basketball playing.
Isn't he sooo cute??!!
Here I am!!

A Harley boy to the core

We got a Harley magazine in the mail and Hayden has enjoyed looking at it. He says "bike" and has a motorcycle noise now, which makes daddy happy:)

More from our life

This train has been the only thing he plays with recently. Thank God it connects by a magnet so he can do it himself.
He loves to have a carry around a toothbrush with a tad bit of toothpaste on it.
Delbert and Andee came for a short visit in October. He bought the bike in Virginia on the way down and was up early Saturday ready to go for a ride. We had so much fun hanging out and chilling with them. On Sunday morning we got a sitter and went on a ride to Beaufort. It's about an hour away, a cute little waterfront town that has a marina where these awesome boats dock. Thanks for a fun weekend guys!! Andee brought her gear from nursing school. Hayden was getting over croup so we were able to listen to his lungs. He had just got up from a nap and looks so sleepy.
Some time spent at a nearby park and my little helper. He loves to put away the silverware.

I hear the airplane but I don't see it!! He was intrigued by a squirrel

My handsome little man!!


Here it is!!

Sorry to my family who have been asking for a new post, it took me so long to do this! I kind of find it hard to find a time when I can do this because when Hayden's napping I like to do housework, etc. and in the evenings Ryan needs the computer to do school. Anyways.....these are of when we went to Tryon Palace(used to be the governor's house when New Bern was the capitol of NC). It is a beautiful old building and the grounds are gorgeous! Ryan and I enjoyed the beautiful fall day, but Hayden had other intentions. Like throwing fits about every little thing that didn't go his way, oh well, guess you have those days with a toddler!
Love his expression

Told you he was in a bad mood!