Spring Picnic

Our church had a spring picnic this past Sunday. True southern style...a pig pickin, grilled ribs, bbq chicken and some amazing homemade chips. All of the good eating was followed by an egg hunt, egg toss and many other games. I realized on Sunday how much I love these people and that we really have made good friends in the 3 1/2 years we've lived in New Bern. I will miss them when we move 2 hrs away this summer. But that also gives me hope that we will make new friends in Raleigh, because if we've done it once....we can do it again! Hope you all have a great Easter!!
waiting for the egg hunt to start this area was for the 1-4 year olds there was a whistle in one of his eggs.....thankfully it was lost at the park!!!


He makes me mad one second........and then has me busting out laughing the next!!


My parents were down to help us celebrate Hayden's birthday. We love having them around for a few days and are always sad to see them go. But we had fun! We had a small party for Hayden Sunday afternoon, he was beyond excited! Although at one point I think the party became too much for him. I looked out the window just in time to see him swing his bat at one of his friends.....I let daddy handle that situation!! Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you and are blessed to be your daddy and mommy!!

Train Cake

So Hayden's birthday was over a month ago...and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Oh well, such is life! I enjoy making a cake each year for Hayden's birthday, Ryan likes to help me so it's a fun project to do after Hayden goes to bed. This year I was so thankful for Ryan's help or I would have been up to 1 or 2am, thanks honey! I always forget that, no matter how easy the cake is to make, it's always time consuming. I started out with a chocolate cake made from scratch in 2 bread pans and went from there. Here's the project in different stages: