Pumpkin Patch

Ryan was away on a motorcycle/guys trip last weekend so we went to a pumpkin farm on Saturday. My friend Jeanine and her son Asher joined us for the adventure. It was an unbelievably hot day (almost 90, in October!) We had fun but cut our time short because we were so over the heat.

This pumpkin launcher was a highlight.

And so was this corn launcher

How did he do this?

Ezekiel's really starting to roll around and get himself in some funny situations.....

Luray, VA with the Martin family

We spent a weekend with my family in the mountains of Virginia. I look forward to family vacations more now then I ever did since we don't live close to family. It's time set aside where none of us have any responsibilities (besides the parenting aspect, but you get the idea) ahh, so refreshing!

I absolutely love this picture of Ezekiel and my mom!

There was a small airport near the cabin that we walked to on Friday morning. Construction equipment was being moved in to improve the runway. This gentleman offered Hayden a ride, he was thrilled!

Jacuzzi tub, lots of fun with bubbles!

And next year we'll have a new Martin join us on vacation, so excited for Del and Andee!


He did it!

Ryan ran his first 5K Sept 20. He started running within the last year. I am so proud of him considering that running was something he never really did before and now he can cruise through 3 miles!