John Deere

For Grandpa Weaver and Grandpa Martin:)

Just passing through....

I stepped out in our sun room one afternoon and saw this bird(i guess that's what it is) walking through our backyard. By the time I got the camera he was at the water looking for fish. Kind of startled/surprised me and then I just had to laugh, only in NC.

Small Group

The faces of our small group.....I know these aren't the best pics but wanted to post them so those of you in PA can meet some of our NC friends. Ryan and I have been leading the college and 20's small group of TRC. It's been really good and stretching at times. Most of the guys in the group are Marines so one of them is either getting ready to deploy or coming home. I have so much respect for these men and their wives, it is quite a call of duty. In just 2 weeks or so we will have everyone back from deployment, a first for the group since we started meeting in Feb 2009. This was our fall kick off, we took a break from doing a book study over the summer, so we went all out and had a big breakfast night:)Ryan and TJ making some awesome omelets!

stuffing our faces

Krystal-the girl who lives with us