The Weaver Grandparents come south

Labor Day weekend Ryan's parents came for a visit. Saturday Hayden got his first fishing rod and the men went fishing (no pictures from that, except on my phone). All three were successful! We also enjoyed breakfast at our favorite spot The Flying Biscuit, grilled out, played many games of Marbles (Hayden loves to play), relaxed, and spent time just being together.  Oh and I almost forgot, Ezekiel learned to roll over, let the fun begin!

Life around our house

Daddy coming home from work is one of the best parts of the day

I walked into the boys room to see this one morning, how much weight is that crib rated for?


And it happened.....my first born started school. It's hard to grasp how fast these 5 years I had at home with him went. He was so excited for the first day, I was so excited for him. On the way to school I was praying for his day out loud, my voice started getting shaky and my eyes a little watery. I told him that I'm going to miss him, he replied "but I'm going to come back mommy".  :) I walked him into his class and made it back out into the hallway where I let the tears come a little more freely. My heart and head were racing....did I prepare him well enough for school, I'm leaving him here with complete strangers that most likely have different morals then I do for 7 long hours, did I teach Hayden to stand for what he knows is right, etc. I found myself saying little prayers for him through out the day and couldn't wait until 4pm when I could here all about his day. Now a couple of weeks later he's still loving school and I'm adjusted to it just being Ezekiel and I at home.


And we also went to a rodeo....trying to do some fun things before Hayden started Kindergarten. This was just a few miles down the road from our house. Hayden kept asking it if was the last bull rider, not because he wanted it to be over, but because he was thoroughly enjoying it wanted it to keep on going.


Carolina Railhawks

We went to a soccer game a few weeks ago. The weather was perfect and was our first taste of fall!

3 months

I took these the beginning of August when Ezekiel was 3 months old.

Some recent pictures.....