Date Night/Motorcycle Ride

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go on a date night. Our neighbors, who are a huge blessing to us, watched Hayden. Our friends, Matt and Naomi, who have four children were child free as well because of a birthday party. So we jumped on our bikes and had a fun road trip. We took the ferry out of town, stopped at Sonic for food and time to chat and then rode back. Thanks so much for the fun night guys!


Hey everyone! I know this is a long needed update. This time is going to be quick. These are pics of the weeks before we went on vacation Sept. 12. I'll post pics of vacation, time in PA and my sister's wedding soon.
We are loving summer down here, we survived the hurricane with no damage other then a few branches down in our back yard. Ryan started taking classes at the local college this fall. He is enrolled as a Civil Engineering student. These next few years look a little interesting, but we are both excited. Ryan was going to start college back in 2002 but had a great job offer then and decided to put school on hold. So now it seems is the right time to pick it up again. Enjoy the pictures!
Hayden loves when I stand him up in his crib

He's supposed to be sleeping but instead I found him wide awake!