My little ham

Hayden has become quite the character recently. He loves to initiate little games, make faces, be naughty and into everything. He is so much fun at this stage and very curious. I love the world of communication that is opening up for him. I recently asked him to go get his sandals and to my surprise he went and got them. I was sure he would come back with something else! These are of the last few weeks. I have recently learned how to make bread that Ryan's grandma was known for making, it is so good. So I had to include a few pics of that as well.


These were taken when Ryan's parents were here a little over a month ago...somehow I never got around to posting them until now. Dad and Mom Weaver thank you for all you do for us. You are a huge blessing in our life! We love that you take the time out of your busy schedule and make trips down here. Mom, I am so honored you spent a week down here just to hang out with Hayden and get a taste for what our world is like. We know it's not always easy being separated by almost 500 miles and your grandson but you make the best of it! We love you!!