Beautiful spring has sprung!   

 Our backyard
 Along with it comes this powdery, nasty, yellow pollen for about 2 weeks. All I want to do is throw open my windows and let the fresh air in, but this stuff makes me do the exact opposite or you spend so much time cleaning it up inside the house. This is our fifth spring in the south and I'm still surprised by the amount of it EVERYWHERE. Took a few pics to give you an idea of what it's like.....

The Buckwalter crew

Our good friends, Mark and Heather Buckwalter and their children, made a trip to visit us a for few days over spring break. I feel at a loss of words of how to describe what they mean to Ryan and I. Our friendship over the years has grown so much. We went through some challenging times with them and each of us could have decided the challenges weren't worth it and walk away from the friendship. BUT we all chose to work through the issues and today we have a treasured friendship. Hayden did a great job with 4 children invading his place, he was sad they had to leave. Mark is a photographer, so I was able to learn a few more things about my camera. Check out their blog http://marknheatherbuckwalter.blogspot.com/


A weekend with Grandpa & Grandma Martin

My parents made their first trip to Raleigh to see what our life is like here and to celebrate Hayden's 4th birthday. We made memories and had a fun time celebrating the little man. Grandpa may have left with some sore knees from all the farming that Hayden had him doing.