Swinging is a good time....

My parents have a huge swing set-as in it's pretty tall. I wonder how many hours us kids spent swinging during our childhood? Many, I know that for a fact. It was down for a couple years due to a building being put up and it had to be moved. It's up and we're back at it having fun. There is something about swinging that is so freeing to me. I can still swing for hours. Here's the fun we had on Christmas day. The quality of pics is not great, ahh the learning curve of a new camera.

Martin Christmas 2011

 After going to Weaverland Mennonite Church (where I grew up) Sunday morning we had Christmas at my parents.

My dad got a head lamp, there was a little boy who thought it was pretty cool.

Weaver Christmas 2011

 Christmas Eve was spent with the Weaver family. So much fun, food, laughter and time spent together.

Hannah-the youngest grandchild. Isn't she adorable??!!

Birthday cake for me, Dairy Queen ice cream cake, sooo good!

We had some little fire chief's running around!

Pics from our time in PA

Ryan planned a little 30th birthday party for me while we were in PA. He invited 4 couples that mean so much to me. We had a great time catching up and encouraging one another. 

I played with this Fisher Price drum and recorder set when I was little. It brought back so many good memories!

Hey Grandpa-You coming home soon?

Love this-they get such a kick out of each other

Having fun with Aunt Doreen

Visting my Grandma Martin


The Public Library is awesome!

Have you checked out your local library and all the programs it has to offer? Wake County Public Libraries is awesome and HUGE. It's where we made our first friends here in this new town. Two moms and their children(who you will see in the pics) invited Hayden and I out to lunch after story time one day back in September. We look forward to going to the library for story time each week. Occasionally there's another fun activity as well. Over Christmas they had a day to make a gingerbread house. First time for Hayden- so fun, so messy, so sweet!

Christmas Cookies

I LOVE Christmas cookies but have refrained from making them the past couple of years due to trying to still eat healthy over the holidays. I always get my fill at all the Holiday parties. But this year I decided to make our favorite kind with Hayden, Peanut Butter Blossoms. We had fun and they were yummy!

Hayden's photography skills

Thanksgiving 2011

 Our dear friends Cliff and Bobbie invited us to New Bern for Thanksgiving. We often refer to them as Hayden's North Carolina grandparents. They are so sweet and treat us as if we are one of their own, my heart was full as we left their house that day. We had a feast, so much food and so good!