The first one is him explaining something to me(if you can figure out what he's saying let me know:). The second is at the Christmas parade. He loved the marching bands and moving to the music.

Fun in a box

Christmas Parade

It seems to have become a tradition for us to go to the Trentwoods Christmas parade. It always helps me to get in the Christmas spirit. The parade was great entertainment for Hayden as well.
Waiting for the parade

Engineering project

Ryan and his teammates were assigned to make a portable, wind powered device that charges 2 AA batteries. It took lots of time but he had fun building and perfecting it.
Ryan's very willing helper. He thought the windmill was so cool.
The finished product
Ryan's parents came for a visit the weekend after Thanksgiving and as always we had lots of fun. Although Hayden gave me a run for my money that weekend, not sure what was up with him.

Tractor ride at the mall that he LOVES

Walking around the beautiful, little town of Beaufort
Giving kisses


We had an old fashioned Thanksgiving, we ate outside and it was so warm. Mark and Heather and the family came down for the weekend, it was so fun having them around for a little bit. We had 10 adults and 17 kiddos, which created lots of activity!
Preparing for our feast
Hayden and his sometimes friend Elijah


Telling daddy about his time outside. This is for Grandpa and Grandma!
After a few rainy days in a row this past week we were finally able to be outside yesterday. I was organizing some things in the garage when I realized I didn't hear or see Hayden. I found him next door, he had taken the basketball over and was trying to shoot some hoops. So I joined him to shoot a few baskets and pictures. It's nice to play with him because I shoot the ball and he likes to get the ball for me, now that's easy basketball playing.
Isn't he sooo cute??!!
Here I am!!

A Harley boy to the core

We got a Harley magazine in the mail and Hayden has enjoyed looking at it. He says "bike" and has a motorcycle noise now, which makes daddy happy:)

More from our life

This train has been the only thing he plays with recently. Thank God it connects by a magnet so he can do it himself.
He loves to have a carry around a toothbrush with a tad bit of toothpaste on it.