Thought grandpa and grandma would enjoy this video.

The next morning

Now that Hayden sits up by himself and crawls I never know what position I might find him in his crib.

Delaying bed time


A note to Grandpa....

Grandpa Martin,
I hope you are feeling better very soon.....

Daddy having fun

Daddy is so cool, I want to be like him when I grow up!
Can I have it?


The windows in our living room and kitchen are just the right height for Hayden to stand at. He enjoys watching the activity outside and can keep him happy for a little while. I think he looks so cute when I stand him there. I know he'll soon be pulling himself up at them on his own.

Notice the drool

Rough couple of weeks

The past 2 weeks have been hard on me as a mom. It seems that my happy baby who was content to keep on playing if I left the room or walked away from is no longer. I think there are several reasons and I hope this is just a season and passes on soon. Hayden is so close to crawling and will go from a sitting up position to all 4 but then he usually ends up on his belly and he just lays there and cries until we rescue him. He gets himself so worked up that he doesn't remember he can roll over and take care of the problem himself. So the scenario is usually this...play with toys until one gets out of reach, go down on all fours, get the toy, land flat out on belly, cry until we pick him up...repeat a hundred times a day! He also has a cold and is teething, I can feel a sharp edge on his bottom gum and he has been drooling a ton. The other day he pulled himself up for the first time and he thinks he is sooo big when he stands holding onto whatever he managed to pull himself up on. I think that when this tooth breaks through and he fully masters the crawling he will be so much more content, at least that's my prayer! These are pics from the past few days...he always seems to smile when I get the camera out.

He loves to play with these spoons


Our good friends Kevin and Lesley and their children came for a long weekend visit. We had so much fun hanging out. It did feel a little different then old times due to the fact that they now have 2 children and we have one. One of things we did was go to Fort Macon State Park and tour the fort that was used in several wars. It was a beautiful fall evening. Thanks so much for making the trip down guys! Michayla had fun pushing a real baby!

Hayden's first lollipop

After Halloween we had a few lollipops leftover so I decided to let Hayden have one. He sure had a lot of fun with it and cried when I took the last little bit from him because the lollipop was about to break off of the stick. I am still trying to decide if I was a bad mom letting my child have a lollipop at 8 months old.


I let Hayden sit too close to the bookcase when I left the room!


When the playing gets tough.....

the tough go to sleep! This is a rare scene from our house since Hayden is more active and really only falls asleep in his crib, but the other day he fell asleep like this....