This past month it seems like Hayden has become a little boy, he is always playing with his trucks and tractors.....especially with the little skid loader and grader Grandpa Martin gave him. We went camping with my family in September but I like my mom's camera better then mine so I have no pictures from the weekend. We met my family in Virgina for our short family vacation. The weather didn't look too promising, but thankfully it only rained Saturday night and on Sunday morning. One of our neighbors organized a neighborhood yard sale so we joined in and gathered up stuff to get rid of. Glad we did because we actually made some money! Ryan continues with school and I'm still managing at the cafe so we keep moving. We are here two years this month! It's hard to believe... I had doubts when we moved if we would be here this long, but it feels more and more like home. By the way for those of you who haven't been here yet (or even if you have) we love visitors!
Caught Ya!! Yard Sale!!
How many can this hold?
He's a smarty, figured this out all by himself! We are working on learning to ring it only twice.


Bay with the Weaver family

It's something we look forward to every year....a weekend at the bay. This year was so much fun now that the two little ones are walking, interacting with each other and of course getting into trouble if we don't keep an eye on them. Ryan's parents gave us a night out by keeping the grandchildren and sending us adults out to eat! It was good to connect with Ryan's brother and wife without the children, but we were anxious to get back and see if grandpa and grandma survived! On the way home we stopped at the Chesapeake Bay bridge tunnel visitors center to explore and give Hayden a break from the car seat.
snuggling with Aaliyah...she was so happy because he doesn't do that for just anyone!
Love this little one a ton!!
The ship is about to go over the underwater tunnel, in the distance is the other end where you come out of the tunnel and back up on the bridge. The rocks are where the bridge ends and the tunnel begins. It was a beautiful day! Ryan and I both found this to be interesting...probably because of all the civil engineering that was used to plan and build it:)