It snowed in North Carolina!!!

It's the first substantial snow fall in NC since 2003. We had around 2 inches and it is cold!! I don't have boots or snow pants for Hayden and Ryan and I had to dig our stuff out of the closet. We had so much fun. Hayden kept looking out the window with a big smile and getting all excited, once he was out in it he was quiet and contemplative.

Trip to Raleigh

Our family made a trip to Raleigh to pick up rock for Ryan's work yesterday. Our plan was to see downtown a little but loading took longer then we expected so we just drove through it and decided we will make a day trip there sometime to check it out more. Ryan's boss told us to have a nice dinner on him so we went to The Cheesecake Factory. We weren't planning on eating out when we left home so we felt a little under dressed, but still had a great time. We pulled 4 1/2 tons of rock back to New Bern.

Hayden was way too interested in the loading process to look at the camera.


Football Sunday

Well for those of you who follow football and the Eagles you know it's a big day today. We are having a fun day as a family at home. We got some wings a couple of weeks ago and Ryan decided that today is the day to make them. He went on online, found a recipe, made the marinade himself and grilled them. We just inhaled them, they were so good! My man can cook if the ingredients are around. He enjoys being creative in the kitchen. I also had to get a video of Hayden pushing his truck around. He is so funny, loves putting things in it and pushing them around and talking. I usually find his play cell phone, a coaster, blocks and a ball in it. Daddy's helper-wanted or not!

A friend to play with

While we were in PA we were able to see some friends as well. One of our visits was to our friends Lavern and Andrea. They have a little girl Abrielle who is a month and a half older then Hayden. She started walking early and is everywhere, I got a taste what's coming up for me. Hayden and Abrielle have lots of energy and us adults had a lot of laughs watching them interact.

More from PA

We stopped at Fairmount homes for a visit with my Martin grandparents since there wasn't a family get together while we were in the state. Hayden had no problem going to my grandpa, which I was surprised by. I could tell that my grandfather loved holding and interacting with Hayden. It was a little harder for my grandmother to hold him since she has a weak arm and Hayden is wiggly. These are precious moments since it my grandmother has a lot of health issues.


Martin Christmas

Christmas day was spent with my family, we had a great time and it ended all too soon.

Got to have one of these to be part of the family (above)Dad's new GPS

Trying to be patientand he's off!Going for a walk with Grandpa and Grandma-it was so cold!Yes, those are buggies in the background!!

Weaver Family Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone so I need to do an update. We traveled to PA for Christmas and had a great time being with family and friends. Hayden's first Christmas was a success, not fussy from his schedule being all out of whack and he had fun tearing off the paper on his gifts. There was just one disappointment for me...no snow while we were there :( Here's a peek into our Christmas eve with the Weaver family. This was our last Christmas at the farm, since it will be sold in 2009, so it seemed extra special.